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Thomas Picardy CFP®

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Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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Our Process

Our Process

Our process integrates wealth management with risk and debt management, and income and tax planning. Each plan is unique. We spend time to understand and Discover what your individual goals and desires are. We then Design a customized program tailored to those needs, and through our proprietary process we are able to Deploy your individual plan. Through constant adjustment and monitoring of critical life and financial events, we keep your plan on track.

The Summit FORMulaTM process focuses on the “Three Ds”:
• Discover
- What do you want to accomplish?
- What is important to you?
• Design
- How will we get you there?
- What services are the best fit for you?
• Deploy
- Financial and legacy planning
- Product and risk assessment and fit
- Ongoing, and continuous service
- Building a lasting relationship
We focus on a very ideal FIT process that allows us to serve those clients for whom we are most suited for. Our Ideal clients are primarily successful families, executives, business owners and professionals, many of whom are striving to secure investment legacies, a comfortable active retirement, or achieve a work optional lifestyle.

Picardy Wealth Management and The Summit FORMulaTM follow a proven process to pursue your goal of financial independence.

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